Capit Maxima Leo M/XL – SBK/SS



Capit’s Maxima Leo tyrewarmers for motorcycles are versatile, very practical and efficient.

Equipped with side bands useful to heat the rim is a unique model thanks to the 36 pleats (18 per side) made to obtain the “Spherical shape”, that is a shape useful to copy the profile of the tyre and ensure the perfect adherence of the tyrewarmer to the tyre, keeping the heat longer.

The Capit Maxima Leo motorcycle tyrewarmers are equipped with a connector for connection to the Capit LEO2 controlbox or Mammuth rack with temperature adjustment and display. In this way, the temperatures on the tyres can be varied and monitored at all times.

Available in various sizes and colors, they can be ordered with European type connector (EU – 220/230 Volt) – American / Japanese (USA / JPN – 100/110 Volt).


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow